A financial services company specializing in loan and asset management services, licensed in 50 states in the US was looking for better control over increased cost and performance issues arising because of maintaining the capex and increasing demand of scalability of the applications. The operations needed to be scalable & agile and there was a need to cut down on processing time. Moreover, the client was looking to provide a responsive, high-touch customer experience to its end customers. This is where Incedo engaged with the client to provide a consulting assessment, develop and implement a customized AWS migration strategy.

With a detailed requirement analysis keeping in mind that the client’s key priorities, Incedo build solutions that helped the client its modernization needs while evaluating multiple options that generated significant impact like:

client product and services with a seamless transition

Improved reliability and availability of client product and services with a seamless transition to business as usual with minimum downtime during migration with successful go-live


Reduction in turnaround time and cost


Improved security and manageability


Greater efficiencies with increase in speed for database refreshes to update development data with current data pulled from production

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