Our client is a global provider in the cybersecurity space who was looking to modernize its legacy products while also sustaining its market share. The company was losing out business to competition, because of missing cloud footprint. To achieve their goal of moving to a cloud environment and accelerate modernization initiatives, they partnered with Incedo to build a cost effective cloud solution for their products and platforms.

The transformation resulted in:

First public launch of SaaS platform within the 6-8 months of team formation

Enabled subscription model through shorter release cycles, faster launches and reduced time to market with lean and agile systems and increased velocity

Multilingual and multiregional SaaS offerings strengthened


Improved defect fixing with an increased rate of more than 200% customer-reported defect fixes


More than 7% increase in CSAT score for its industrial customers

secure cloud migration

Ease of upgrades for the future with modernization and cloud migration

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