Our client, one of the leading biotechnology company had a Commercial Copay Program. These Copay Programs are designed to address patient financial barriers to treatment, promote patient adherence to therapy and enable prescribers to provide the most appropriate treatment option without patient financial concerns. So when the client was looking to improve adoption and utilization for its Commercial Copay Program, Incedo helped gain insights on strategic account planning as well as provide solutions regarding the program enrollment and copay utilization.

Incedo’s solution significantly reformed the efficiency of identifying and matching prescribers based on the prescriber’s demographics using fuzzy logic. This mapping was used to report accurate copay enrolments and claims metrics. Upon analyzing and understanding the business metrics and refining them properly to report relevant information, the solution resulted in the following:

Empowered field reps in new expanded roles with adoption and utilization insights through business intelligence reports to significantly increase customer acquisition. Field reps were enabled to provide proactive support to prescribers by identifying areas of low co-pay program enrollment and/or utilization.

Copay optimization for each brand and geography leading to optimized costs with optimal coverage amount for each brand/insurance plan.

Increased customer engagement with better collaboration and coordination across a territory board, by identifying opportunities where copay program utilization occurs for a product but not for other products.

By introducing fuzzy logic, the IDs for 26% (9,519) additional records were mapped as compared to the traditional logic

Manual intervention reduced due to fully automated python fuzzy match system

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